About me



a 250h yoga alliance certified yoga instructor.


I have started to teach yoga while living in New York from 2016 to 2018.

First I got in touch with Yoga during my travels to Portugal back in 2013. Since then I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off until I finally rolled up my sleeves and decided to follow my passion. It’s been an amazing journey ever since! There are so many incredible benefits of Yoga and with every session an opportunity arises to dive deeper into it. I would love to share the benefits and invite you to become part of this wonderful journey by making Yoga part of YOUR LIFE, too!

Since I moved back to Hamburg, I am mainly teaching at Studio 78 in Hamburg Eimsbüttel. For private lessons you can come to my home place in Hamburg Klein Flottbek/Nienstedten or I am happy to teach at your place mainly in and around Hamburgs Elb villages. (Altona/Ottensen, Othmarschen, Klein Flottbel/Flottbek, Nienstedten, Blankenese).

Classes can be held in German, English or both.


Through Yoga you will find a healthier way to live your life. You will be able to give up negative habits and thought patterns and you will have tools on hand to reduce your stress level. You will become conscious and aware of your body, mind and soul.

Many physical issues are related to emotional triggers. Emotions that are deeply stored in your tissue over the years can be released through Yoga. The name disease comes from dis-ease - not being at ease. Through practicing Yoga you will find yourself at ease again. You will feel refreshed and renewed after each class and with time you will discover the multiple  amazing benefits of Yoga. Open your heart and mind to experience something new. Why not start today?


Whether you book a Yoga session, workshop or join me on one of the retreats, I am excited to get to know you!

Upcoming Workshop

14. Januar 2023

Yoga und die 7 Chakren - Welches ist für Dich besonders wichtig?

Online Workshop buchbar über urban-shakti.

Die Chakren spielen im Yoga eine wichtige Rolle. Sie können Dir Energie schenken und Dich darin unterstützen, dass Du ausgeglichener, belastbarer und energiegeladener bist. In meinem Workshop erhältst Du einen Einblick in die Welt der Chakren, ihre Bedeutung auf körperlicher, seelischer und spiritueller Ebene und wie wir Sie aktivieren können.

-Der Workshop findet auf deutsch ab einer Teilnehmerzahl von 3 Personen statt.